It’s all started back when I was 5, I remember doing my great grandmother hair. Growing up, my mother always says that every time she would do my hair for school, on my way to school I would change up my hair to the styles that I like and she knew then, hair was written somewhere in the chapters of my life. At the age of 19, after so many years of procrastinating ,I finally went to PSL beauty academy in Port Saint Lucie Florida and got my licensed as a cosmetologist. Over the years, I’ve study and practice with some of the top color experts and extensionist and got certified with 3 different techniques of extensions and color to better my self as an artist and to offer exceptional services to my clients.

Once I Was Doing Hair behind the chair, I realized that one of the things that made my craft unique was that I was able to educate my clients on these why’s and how’s and it all started by having a thorough consultation. My clients can always expect to feel a deeper connection and perspective of their unique hair experience within that first 20 minutes. The education doesn’t stop there, though! I teach my clients on how to maintain and style their new looks at home so they feel like they’re stepping out of the salon everyday, but in a way that I know will work into their lifestyle and schedule.I truly believe a woman hair is their CROWN and also a way to express their inner beauty without saying a word. If your hair is FABULOUS , you will feel fabulous and has the power to conquer the world and BOSS up