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Thank you for taking the time to explore HeavenlyBeautyLounge, having the best hair color specialists where we truly believe your hair is your crown. I’m so excited to help you achieve your dream hair. Think of your hair like a garden. Every flower has very specific needs that need to be met to ensure they can grow to their fullest potential. Your hair is the same.

It is my responsibility to help you achieve your hair goals and maintain them. Just as a flower will die if it’s needs are not met. If not tended too, inside and outside of the salon, your hair will become dry, damaged and lose it luster.

We want your experience to break the mold of what you’ve seen or heard before, and open your eyes to the next generation of hair using customized color techniques by our hair color experts for your overall hair care. We are all set to provide you with different extensions methods which are best suited to your individual needs.

Meet Carmel,
Founder & CEO

For as long as I can remember hair has been my passion. According to my mother she would do my hair for school, then, I would immediately change my hair. Trying out new and exciting styles, she knew then, hair was written in the chapters of my life.

I have been licensed as a cosmetologist for over 10 years. Over the years, I have had opportunities to study and practice with some of the top hair color experts and popular hair extensions brands. I am certified in six different techniques of hand tied-hair extensions and I have developed my own proprietary extension method. I pride myself on staying on top of the cutting-edge color methodology to better myself as an artist and to offer exceptional services to my clients

As an artist it gives me great joy to provide my clients with their dream hair. My favorite part of the process is understanding your vison, setting realistic, transparent expectations, and agreeing upon the strategy collaboratively. If honesty, trust, and open communication is something you value too, book HERE to take the next step!

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