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We’ll start off your appointment with a thorough consultation to discuss your goals for your hair and create a customized cut and/or color and extensions match to fit your goals, complexion, level of maintenance, and lifestyle. I’ll walk you through our plan of action on how we’ll get there, what future visits will look like, and how you will style and maintain your new look at home.

You’ll notice that New Client Services are slightly more than those listed on the rest of my pricing menu. I strive to create the best color and top of the line extensions line for my guests, so I’ve created specific time blocks for new clients that you can choose from based on how much you want or need to achieve in one session. These time blocks allow plenty of time for a thorough consultation, precision application ,color melting techniques and extensions and I make sure to include a generous amount of color/lightener in my pricing to achieve the level of quality you desire!

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That some color services require more than one session to achieve desired results and time slots/pricing are based on hair that sits approximately at/above the underarm. If you have extra length/thickness, please take into consideration that you may require extra time or charges for you service. Feel free to book below !

If you need further assistant with picking the right service, please book a color consult so I can guide you to the best option!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Book Yours, Now


It brings me SUCH joy every time I get the opportunity to work on someone’s hair because I’m able to see all its potential in a way that most people can’t.

My favorite thing about my clients is that they really trust my creative process and allow me to be honest about what I can create and what I think is best for them. If honesty, trust, and open communication is something you value too, click HERE to take the next step!

Look good, Feel good


I’m so excited on helping you achieves your dream hair. I want your experience to break the mold of what you’ve seen or heard before, and open your eyes to the next generation of hair health, hair care ,color and different extensions method.

Think of your hair like a garden. Every flowers has very specific needs that need to be met to ensure they can grow to their fullest potential. Your hair is so unique and one of a kind and it’s my responsibility to not only let it shine it’s brightest, but also to make sure we keep it that way. Just as a flower will die if you basic needs not met, your hair will feel dry ,damaged and lose it luster if not tended to properly in and outside of the salon.

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Hair Salon offering the best in luxury color and techniques from babylights, balayage, foilayage, and Extensions for the modern chic “it” girl who radiates style, excitement, and effortless beauty.

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